Newton and Arkwright 'Link' Building - Nottingham Trent University
Main Contractor

Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd

Concrete Society award-winning contemporary building that forms a sweeping link between the grade II listed Newton and Arkwright buildings.

Radial frontage, in-situ concrete steps of diminishing radii and a tapered fair-faced concrete radial canopy which then wraps around the geometry of the Arkwright building.
Internally, the atrium is composed of 3 levels of tapered concrete canopies held up by in-situ circular fair-faced columns with recessed features. The columns follow the straight and radial lines of the structure, and recesses in the fair-faced soffits and columns hold the lighting units and hide construction joints. Suspended floor and roof slabs were fair-faced finished qwith ply butt joints and V joints.
Concrete Society - Judges Comments:
“... an excellent structure. .. an excellent example of exploiting the potential of concrete. It looks good; it’s innovative, sustainable and provides value for money...
... a pleasing finish.... a good-looking, prestigious central ‘heart space"