The Collection: Art and Archaeology, Lincolnshire
Main Contractor

Caddick Construction Ltd

Concrete Society award winning building which included substantial museum exhibition space, café and shop facilities/school workshops, staff offices, theatre and external space which frame views of Lincoln.
Part constructed in self-compacting concrete with complex voids cast into elevations to provide design and openings for windows and vents. Internal features include continuous joint-free surfaces, complex horizontal and vertical sloping curved surfaces. High-quality joinery workmanship created an impressive fair-faced board finish internally that mirrors the external stonework.
Concrete Society - Judges Comments:
“... an impressive piece of work which appears to meet the client’s aspirations ... The central space is a joy, as are the top-lit galleries... Concrete plays a key role in the realisation of the project, both in form and finish... beautifully executed in self-compacting concrete... This is a bold, confident piece of architecture to which a tour de force in the use of concrete is central... the use of concrete is significant in the delivery of the building. "