Haribo Production Facility
Main Contractor


This project is a 34 week £6.2 Million structure for a new factory, which will be used for production of Haribo sweets, in Castleford Leeds.  

The works for the Substructure consist of 130 individual insitu concrete foundations at the depth of up to 5mtr. 500mtrs of perimeter ground beam and associated upstands. Waterproofed lift, stair and core pits. 9,000m2 ground steel fibre concrete ground floor slab and associated ground preparation works. 130mtrs of Dado walling and the installation of 350mtr specialist chemical resistant drainage system, for trade effluent discharge up to 4.5mtrs deep. The total concrete used during the construction of the substructure building footprint works was 7,500m3.

The works for the main Superstructure consist of a 3 story main production facility and 4 story office space, using 15,000m3 of concrete poured and 2,700T of reinforcing steel fixed.  

Supporting columns 450nr incorporating a complex bespoke flared supporting head (see photo) were used. 

There were also a number of ancillary structures built on the site including an energy center & a silo farm.  Northfield carried out all associated substructure & RC Frame works.