Still Water Sculpture, National Memorial Arboretum
Main Contractor

Adam Kershaw Ltd

Northfield Construction Ltd was tasked by Sculptor Adam Kershaw to create a piece of art for the National Memorial Arboretum.

The sculpture was created by first forming the ellipse ground slab in situ on site. Whilst this was being constructed our off site team was busy working away with the precast pyramid shapes. Colour and finish was key to this aspect of the build to ensure the artist’s vision was captured fully. Whilst working with key suppliers, NCL were able to produce several batches of white concrete that they were able to use to create the pyramids. Once complete these were then taken to site and assembled into position. Another element that the off site team were tasked with was to construct the viewing bench, which was poured in four pieces using self-compacting concrete and had a board mark finish to it. This was then positioned into place on site whilst the perimeter path was being finished and the project was complete.

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